Pi Day Beatdown

Losing an hour in the fartsack Saturday night didn’t slow down the men at Jailbreak this morning.  Here’s what this week’s #downpainment looked like

The Thang:

Burpee mile – Mosey with five burpees at each corner of the SS village


  • SSH x 20
  • Hillbilly x 20
  • Chuck Norris x 10
  • Prisoner squat x 20
  • Moroccan nightclub x 20

Mosey to Nature Gifts

People’s Chair for two minutes

Backwards mosey, karaoke to parking lot behind Ocean Inn

Plank for the six with alternating arms and legs raised

Gut check

Mosey to the Hill of all Hills for:

Jacob’s Ladder

  • Run up the “hill” to Ocean Blvd and do one burpee
  • Run back down to the start and back up and do two burpees
  • Increase by one all the way to seven

6″ legs until everyone finished

Dying cockroach x 8

Right obliques x 10

Left obliques x 10

Rosalita x 10

Mosey to the flagpole with jailbreak the last 150 yards


Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome to the newest member of the PAX, Wright Culpepper, F3 “Digger.”  Wright’s son “Simon Says” is a member of the F3 Columbia crew so now it’s a family affair.  Hope you’ll become one of our regulars Digger

Sweat really starts pouring now that our mornings are 65 degrees +.  Enjoy it while it lasts cause it’s only getting hotter!

For those interested, here’s the article about Navy Seals and the 40% rule.  When your body is screaming for mercy, mental toughness is what keeps you moving forward.  And remember, just getting out of bed and posting for a workout is already a step down this path.  Using it to push yourself during the workout is the next step http://thehustle.co/40-percent-rule-navy-seal-secret-mental-toughness?utm_campaign=12.6+Marshall+%2B+Todd+Snyder+FINAL+%28gZCzE6%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The+Newsletter+%28May+2015%29

Loved hearing everybody encouraging each other today.  That’s the #2ndF in action

Let me know if you’re interested in Q’ing or helping Q a workout.  Great opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills and put your brothers through some major pain.


Meet at Gholson Room at SSUMC tonight at 7:00 for men’s group with SLH and (usually) Twinkle Toes and Inmate.  Brief devotional followed by some quality male bonding #2ndF

Inmate’s M turns 40 today.  Don’t mess it up man

Several prayer requests today:

  • Sharon Hanson
  • Mind Bender’s uncle Dick
  • Hollis Younger
  • One other…sorry can’t remember

If you haven’t already, download the F3 app – iOS and Android.  Gives you quick access to backblasts, schedules, PAX list, and Twitter feed all in one place.  Update your profile with email and phone to help us build a mini-directory of the local F3 group.  Note: you must choose the option to make your contact info public; by default it’s private.  Email Cow Tipper at jordan.tippett@gmail.com for the temporary password to register within the app.  It’s a separate login from the website.

We’re back at it this Saturday with F3 JAX at the helm again.  7:00AM at the pier.  Bring another knucklehead with you.

Inmate has the Q next Monday


Cow Tipper

3 thoughts on “Pi Day Beatdown

  1. I learned this AM that there is no such thing as a Walking Mosey. I can come to terms with that.

    Thanks for the good workout Cow Tipper (Q). Looking forward to what Inmate has in-store for us next Monday…but first there is F3 Jax to conquer on Saturday.

    I grew up in St. Clair (SSI) with the Hanson’s. I road the bus to school with Sharon Hanson’s two girls Taylor and Holly (their son Harmon is a bit younger). Brent and Sharon are a power couple in the Kingdom of God and the Glory of God is cast upon them. Nothing is impossible with God. What seems impossible/improbable in physical world is available in the spiritual world.

    Lord, I release full healing over Sharon Hanson. Heal your precious daughter, Lord. Let Grace rain over the Hanson’s during this time and allow us to see signs and wonders of your miracles. Amen.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Nomad. When you’re ready, you can get some payback and dish out the pain as Q yourself.

      Thoughts and prayers with the Hansons as they deal with this challenging time…


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