Week #5 of @F3StSimons

Friday I traveled down with M & 2.4, ate at Barbara Jeans…terrible storms…went back to hotel…text Cow Tipper that he better show because I will be there…set the alarm.

Alarm goes off…check twitter…@F3Jacksonville was closing for weather…immediately send out tweet that we are on…#notaweatherman #notaSMARTman

Conditions were foolishness, heavy sideways rain, lightning, thunder, 50 degrees, and an absolutely perfect morning for a #downpainment to start week #5 of @F3StSimons

Review of F3 Core Principles

F3 workouts …

■Are free of charge

■Are open to all men

■Are held outdoors, rain (theory tested today) or shine, heat or cold

■Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

■End with a Circle of Trust


Disclaimer (did not need it -) and discussion on keeping up, modify as needed, no FNG (he would need to get his skull checked to show up in these conditions…all we needed was a 1 iron…).

Run full speed to Casino to get some cover from weather and lightning…#WEAK…or #WISE?


SSH, IW, Squats, Windmills, Moroccan Night Clubs, Seal Jacks, an additional set of squats.

Long warmup Plank-o-Rama series. I potentially planked them too long…(not a crowd pleaser that included CDD, MC, ParkerPeter & PeterParker)

Arkloader Series

Back and forth across Casino Square with bear, lunge, crab, lunge, backwards bear, flying squirrels, basketball shuffle, shooter drills, karaoke, broad jumps, bunny hops, alligator merkins, duck walks, and some intermittent jogs to catch our breath. I think I covered the entire Ark in 50 minutes.

Last ten minutes practicing call cadence…and having #fun

Bunch of sermons mixed in discussing the impact F3 has made on my life…and the impact the men of @F3TheFort (and supporting areas) are having on me…#sadclown no more


Prayer & Praise, BOM, and a good discussion on the #StarfishF3 model.


Always an honor to be part of a launch, here is everything in my notes:

  • 2nd F is the glue, and @F3StSimons has a great group
  • @F3TheFort was supporting @F3Leap on both coasts today with Jekyl and Rooney posting @F3Kirkland and me hanging in the Golden Isles
  • There really is an App for that…F3 app that is…
  • AO is first class, need to come back so I can run my planned Weike, and run you by my old house and all my pain station stops from 7 years ago…
  • #HIM = High Impact Man
  • Read “Freed to Lead” here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Freed-To-Lead-Unshackling-Modern-day-ebook/dp/B00JJQB2Z8
  • Special thanks to Beastie, Glee, & Cow Tipper in supporting my “crazy” F3 adventures
  • Carefully plan your 1st F schedule per my discussion, and understand that it does not always have to be the most difficult post…remember my “moderate” story
  • 2nd F is what most men are looking for…#mumblechatter
  • 3rd F will build your group up faster than any difficult 1st F workout ever will
  • Here is the post I discussed from Zima and making adult male friends… Check out ‘The Virtual 2nd F’: http://f3nation.com/2016/02/29/the-virtual-2nd-f/
  • Here is the post I discussed from Dark Helmet and making your VQ (virgin Q)…. the last 2 paragraphs describe what most men feel the first time they Q (lead): http://f3nation.com/2015/03/18/kettlebell-burpees-yeah-thats-a-thing-at-the-armory/
  • Tell @Fountainhead that I made it difficult enough…enjoy week 6, it is well worth your time…one more week and you are on your own


Appreciate the enthusiasm, and get your twitter account going, and follow me @CSPANF3

CSPAN – over & out


One thought on “Week #5 of @F3StSimons

  1. Great Q and great leadership. Thanks for helping F3 St. Simons understand the path we’ve chosen. Can’t wait to have you back down for another Q in the future


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