Field of Screams

It was a warm morning on SSI with a nice ocean breeze blowing.  We began with a mosey to Parkers for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walker x 25 IC

Arm Circles – Fwd x 10 IC

Arm Circles – Rev x 10 IC

Then mosey on to Mallery Park:

Step-ups on bleachers x 20 IC

Then on to work at the baseball Field.  One exercise for each position on the field.  15 reps at each position to represent number of teams in each MLB league.  All exercises OYO.

1 (pitcher):  merkins x 15, bear crawl to #2;

2 (catcher): jump squats x 15; lunges to #3;

3 (1B):  plank jacks x 15; crab walk to #4;

4 (2B):  diamond merkins x 15; broad jump squats to #5;

5 (3B): monkey humpers x 15; bear crawl to #6;

6 (SS): wide arm merkins x 15; lunges to #7;

7 (LF): american hammer x 15; broad jump squats to #8;

8 (CF): makhtar n’diaye x 15; crawl bear to #9

9 (RF): LBC x 15; AYG back to #2

burpees x 15

Mosey over to playground for quick circuit OYO:

pull-ups x 5

dips x 10

LBC x 20

Karaoke run to first street light, flap jack to second street light;

Indian run back to Barbara Jeans;

jailbreak to flagpole.

Good workout.  Plenty of groans from pax.  Dubbed Field of screams by Twinkle toes.

Prayer list:  Cow tipper & family – new 2.1, Okey family- new 2.1, Fairweather & family – traveling

Announcements: Square Dance in Sav, 1/2 marathon in November (contact Twinkle toes for more info on these CSAUP’s

Enjoy your week,


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