Feliz Cinco de Mayo mi Amigos

Today we honored the very American Holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Weather was chilly and windy

The Thang:

COP-all IC

  • 10-SSH
  • 10-Imperial Walkers
  • 10-Seal Jacks
  • 10-Bird Dogs Right
  • Flap Jack
  • 10-Fire Hydrants Right
  • Flap Jack

While Ritchie Valens serenaded us with La Bamba we did the not so PC Border Crossing

  • All you got from the Flag Pole to the Picnic Area
  • Box Jumps onto bench
  • Step Up onto table
  • Step Down onto opposite bench
  • Jump Down and Dip on bench
  • Sprint to next picnic bench
  • Rinse and Repeat until song over then AYG back to Flag Pole


  • 45 second front plank
  • 45 second side plank
  • 45 second back plank
  • 45 second flap jack side plank

4 Man Monkey in the Middle 25 yards between 1-2 and 2-3, 50 yards from 3-1. All whiles Los Lobos jammed about our favorite Mexican cockroach

  • Position 1 doing Fire Hydrant Kicks
  • Position 2 doing LBC
  • Position 3 doing Jump Squats

4 Corners while Santana jammed a live version of Oye Coma Va. Keep pushing until music stops then AYG back to Flag Pole

  • 10-box jumps
  • 15-dips
  • 20-SSH
  • 5-Burpees

Suicides to end us off. 25 yard and 50 yard.

Naked Moleskin

Great to have D2 (Patrick Jeter) join us. He finally decided to shake off the FOO and come join us in the Gloom.

SLH is the Q at Manna House on the 1st Thursday would love to see some of our Pax support his cause. Today Inmate, SLH, D2, and YHC made appearances.

YHC gave a quick devotion; “While studying eating habits I have found that as Americans we are so naturally dehydrated that we mistake our Thirst Pang for a Hunger Pang. This is one reason why we snack so much, and still feel hungry. While our body longs to be given a drink; we fill it with junk. Just like our spiritual life; we search to fill ourselves with things of low substance. Wealth, Popularity, Possessions, Booze, Women, etc. We fill up on this junk and still have a thirst; because the only thing that can truly quench that pang is the Living Water of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

D2 closed us with a prayer

Join us Saturday at 0700 for Mind Benders VQ.


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