F3 SSI In The Round

Unbelievable clear, crisp 55 degrees at the St Simons Island pier with shrimp boats in the water; if I didn’t know better, this could all be CGI. Only four of us got to enjoy this morning and only Cow Tipper gets a pass so far with a brand new baby at home.

Theme today was quality not quantity with emphasis on an aspect of form during each exercise.

Stretches my chiropractor taught me after disclaimer.

Mosey on pier to see the view on both ends and then 20 dips on the benches OYO with a hold down in a dip at the end.

Mosey to flagpole with SSH IC x 20, Merkins IC x 10 slowly to feel things better, Forward Arm Circles IC x 25, Reverse Arm Circles IC x 25, Abe Vigoda’s IC x 20 (nobody ever heard of him, so sad), Imperial Walkers IC x 15, Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 10

Mosey to SSUMC grass for LBCs IC x 15, Flutter Kicks IC x 15, Sit Ups OYO x 10, Dying Cockroachs IC x 10 (not sure, but think nobody heard of The Metamorphosis by Kafka either; just wait, because your kids will have to do a book report some day and you can be their visual aid at school), Rosalitas IC x 10, Rosalita WIPs IC x 10 (not sure what WIP means but it’s in the exercise list, both Rosalita types done slowly to feel new muscles all the better)

Mosey to SSUMC ramp on other end of the church for Burpee Merry-go-round which is running (or later walking/crawling) up the ramp and circling back to the bottom for 10 Burpees OYO then run up and circle back down for 9 Burpees OYO then 8 then 7… down to only 1 then recover for 60 seconds and plank until PAX finishes

Mosey to parking lot next to put-put golf at the old casino for Wheel of Merkin OYO x 10 in each of the four positions using the curb, Box Jumps on the curb OYO x 10, then another x 10, then a final x 10 with 30 seconds recovery in between

Mosey with mad dash halfway there to flag pole for our COT, prayer concerns, announcements, and with D2 closing us out in prayer

Thanks to all,

Mind Bender

(number of reps above pretty close but may have varied a bit)








One thought on “F3 SSI In The Round

  1. I’ll take the excused absence while I can get it! Looking forward to getting back out there soon…


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