Shake it off

Two FNG’s joined our ranks this morning. They are from the Atlanta area and down here for vacation with their families. They found a flyer at Wake Up.

Allen McCall aka Next

Mark Schleier aka Sleazy Freezy

The workout began with several “down and backs”: jog, side shuffle x2, jog, job backwards, skipping, skipping backwards, karaoke x2

20 Jumping air squats, 15 Merkins, 15 Big boy sit ups

Mosey to Thrope

20-25 burpee lunges

Mosey to the merry go round

reverse lunges up and reverse bear crawl down for 4 rounds with 3 merkins between rounds

Mosey out to the pier stopping to do 15 dips on the way

COT at the pier

Named our two FNG’s, who should also being at Thursday’s workout

Prayer request for Mindbender’s mother

Inmate closed in prayer



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