The Beast is always lurking…

A group of nine pax (including one FNG) braved the morning heat to begin the week.  The workout began with a mosey around Neptune park out to the end of the pier.

COP:  SSH x 20 (IC)

IW x 20 (IC)

Arm Circles – FWD x 10 (IC)

Arm Circles – REV x 10 (IC)

Moccan NIghtclub x 10 (IC)

Then a mosey to the benches at the land end of the pier.

Step – ups x 20 (OYO)

Dips x 10 (IC)

Derkins x 10 (IC)

Then over to the parking lot to poke the beast.  We got some groans, but also some relief that we weren’t going to the baseball field.  Regardless, the beast responded with a test. (For those not familiar, the Beast consists of 6 reps at 6 stations, running between stations.  This is repeated for 6 different exercises, hence the 666 label.)

1st exercise – Merkins

2nd exercise – Jump Squats

3rd exercise – Plank Jacks

4th exercise –  Monkey humpers

5th exercise –  Makthar N’Diaye

6th exercise – Burpees, with lunges between stations, rather than running

Next came a “Follow the Leader” exercise (copied from Inmate).  The leader moseys to a destination and leads the pax in an exercise of his choice, then another person assumes the lead.  Sorry, but the details of this are a little foggy…

1st leader – Inmate – karaoke run then 10 merkins (IC)

2nd – Digger (?) – 20 LBC (OYO)

3rd – Twinkle toes – Picnic table crossing with (?)

4th – Mind Bender (?) – 10 Box Jumps (?)


Welcome to Shovel.  Hope you will join us again.  4th of July 5k in the village next Monday (7/4) with a double down workout ahead of run.

Have a safe Independence Day weekend,



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