Power Walk at the Pier…

Eight (8) faithfuls posted  for this weeks Sailors Warning workout this Saturday morning.  Although it was hot and muggy, the ocean provided a beautiful backdrop.

Powerwalk from casino area to pier, pushing the speed as well as the swinging arms.  Near the end of the pier convert into indian run to the light house.

COP:  SSH – IC x 25, Imperial Walkers – IC x 25, Squats – IC x 15, Merkins – IC x 20

Mosey indian run/powerwalk to SSUMC grassy area for more love…  Seal jacks – IC x 25, Squats – IC x 20, Windmills – IC x 16, Mountain Climbers – IC x 10, Little Baby Arm Circles – IC x 20, Reverse, Moroccan Night Club – IC x 20

Mosey back to casino area in an indian run.  Back and forth across grassy area, Bear crawl down & back, then Lunge down and back.  Repeat.  20  LBC – OYO  Then Crab walk down & back, then broad jump burpee down and back. Duck walk down and back, then frog hop down and back.  20 American hammers.  Flutter Kicks – IC x 20, Rosalitas – IC x 20, Big boy situps – IC x 10, 20 OYO, Plankorama for about 5 minutes.

No major announcements.  Prayers for all those involved with the Dallas shootings.


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