Texas Two Step (Sort Of)

Nice breeze this morning at the pier for what the Q had planned as a Texas Two Step workout geared towards ‘slow, slow, quick, quick’ which is how we’d danced in Houston back in the day. Goal was to intermix slow cadence followed by fast and then slow again to mix up our muscles.

Stretching followed by a mosey over to the grass in front of the lighthouse. Circle up for SSH IC slow/fast/slow 5/10/5 reps or so which we generally did for all exercises although sometimes a bit more and sometimes less as with burpees later. Then Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Imperial Squat Walkers which Q butchered, Forward Arm Circles, Reverse Arm Circles, Windmills, High Knees, and Air Presses.

Mosey to grass near the flagpole for LBCs, Gas Pumps, Sweat Angels, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Rosalitas, Rosalitas With Intense Pain, Flutterkicks, American Hammers mostly done OYO slow/fast/slow 5/10/5 reps.

Slowsey (Q’s new favorite word coined by ?) over to picnic tables for Dips, Inclined Merkins, Declined Merkins OYO slow/fast/slow 5/10/5 reps. Burpees OYO s/f/s 2/4/2 and then Mountain Climbers s/f/s 5/10/5 at which point Q’s arms were shot.

Slowsey or walking over to parking lot in front of put put course for 40 yards or so slow/sprint/slow/sprint over and over OYO as many as each wanted until Q called time after about 5 minutes and then slowsey/walk to casino for Box Jumps OYO s/f/s 5/10/5 and then deconstructed burpees going around the four corners OYO as many as each wanted. Then dealer’s choice by Twinkle Toes finishing us up with Fire Hydrants s/f/s 20 on each side.

Prayer requests for TT’s M’s grandmother I think, TM’s client, and MBs friend Bob are the ones I recall with TT sharing how next Saturday will be early and at a different location so check for details in his posts.

Blessings to all

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