Run with Ernie Double Down

A rag tag crew assembled for a double down at 0530 in the gloom at Coast Guard Station. A quick shuttle ride to Gascoigne Bluff for the BeatDown portion of our double down.


COP-Lead by YHC
15-Seal Jacks-IC
10-Imperial Walkers-IC
5-Burpees OYO
60 seconds LBC-AMRAP
15-American Hammers-OYO
15-Squat Jumps-IC
10-Hydraulic Squats-OYO
5-Captain Thor-OYO


7-Fire Hydrant Kicks Each Leg
7-Zebra Kicks Each Leg
7-Same Side Bird Dog Each Side
25-Hello Dolly
Repeat 3 times

Dealers Choice

Rosalita WHP-10 Mind Bender
American Hammers-20
Hand Release Merican-10 Hee Haw
LBDips 20
Plank til you drop Rosebud
Diamond Mericans-30
Mericans-10 Bus Boy
Wide Arm Mericans-10

Hee Haw, Bus Boy, Rosebud, and YHC completed the double down with Ernie

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