Tha Smokehouse

Tha Smoke House


10 Side Staddle Hops I.C., 10 Imperial Walkers I.C., 10 Seal Jacks I.C., Q lead stretches 10 counts.

Smokehouse – Fire Starter

30 minute Mosey (with jam box blasting G-N-R and 2 Chaniz).  Members of PAX that would get ahead of the 6 would skip, high skip, karaoke, run backwards, or sprint back to the 6.  15 minutes out… 15 minutes back (2.5 miles)

Smokehouse – Smoke Out (x3)

Starting at Big Oak Tree Benches…..

1 Derkin (decline merkin, feet on bench)

5 Merkins

10 Eerkins (incline merlons, hands on bench)

15 Dips

20 LBC

SPRINT to Picnic Benches, active recovery air chair untie 6 shows. REPEAT!!!

SPRINT back to Oak Tree, and repeat.

Smokehouse – smoked sausage

BearcrAwl up steps around column switch half way and crab walk down steps.  Rest of the PAX alternate Flutter Kicks Rollie Pollie (PAX rolls shifting everyone to right so next man can take to the steps)  Crawl… Hello Dolly… Rolli Pollie, Crawl… Bicycle Kicks… Rollie Pollie

Smokehouse – cold smoking

Calf Raises 10 IC

PEOPLES CHAIR w/ Raise the roof

5 “over the line” Burpees. OYO

Prayer Request: Digger Granddaughter still in NICU, Tinman’s clients, Dr Weaver.

Annoucnemts: Monday 7pm UMC Men’s bible study


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