6 Month Anniversary Beat Down! Plus my F3 Story and a special Review!!

8 Brave men came out after the Hurricane for a righteous beat down for our 6 Month Anniversary. The Q was a little gassed from having chopped up trees all over the island the day before with his Ax, but he still provided an adequate smokefest, IMHO.

The Thang

30-Moroccan Night Club
30-Wonder Bra
30 second-Iron Cross Hold
Our Shoulders were screaming!

Partner Up
1 partner suicide
Al Gore for 6
1 Lunge Walk Suicide
60-Jump Squats
Al Gore for 6
1 partner suicide
60-Ballet Squats
Al Gore for 6

Pavilion of Pain OYO
15-box jumps
15-box jump right side
15-box jump left side
30-step ups
10-step up merry go round (30 total)
30-toe taps
30-calf raises
15-Tempo Calf Raises-IC
Now our legs were screaming!

Mosey to Old Glory
Tootsie Roll Plank-a-rama
Everyone in a plank and move the way the 69 Boys tell us (To the left, to the left…). For “slide” do a seat roll and “dip” do pickle pounders

I Like Big Butts-Sir Mixalot-OYO
30-Fire Hydrants R
30-Fire Hydrants L
30-FH Kicks R
30-FH Kicks L
30-Zebra Kicks R
30-Zebra Kicks L

Mosey to Benches around Oak by Play Ground aka “Chester’s Hangout
Partner Up
Partner hold plank
60-dips by the other partner

Partner hold Plank
15-Incline Mericans

Circle Up-IC
15-Negative Tempo Big Boy Sit Ups
90second Boat/canoe (Cut short by Q)

Prayer requests, and announcements. Don’t forget our roll in Statesboro Launch on 10.15. Also there may be a clown car to Orlando launch 9.24.

My F3 Journey
Wow guys, it has been 6 months since our Launch! Some of you started before, some of you joined us after. I, for one, started at the big launch. First off, I cannot thank the guys who gave us this gift enough. Twinkle and the crew from Savannah; Big Bird and Snuffy, and the crew from Jax; Hot Spot and the crew from Summerville; and the others I am forgetting. I am forever grateful to those gentlemen. I received the gift of F3 as a 32 year old, out of shape, father of two. I desperately needed F3, and I didn’t even know it. I have invested my time in F3 to better myself, not for me, but for my wife and children. I was always an athlete growing up in FL. Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball. I was always the fat kid, but the athletic fat kid. But then I discovered the nectar of the gods; BEER. From College through now I could guzzle beer with the best of them. Sucking down a 12 pack on a Gameday was nothing. Leaving the sports realm, and drinking beer, and eating BBQ; my weight had crept up. Not only had I added the pounds, but my endurance was gone. Running around with my kids left me exhausted way before a 4 and 1 year old!

BUT THEN I awoke and came to F3 on 3.5.16. Stepping out in the Gloom I was nervous. Would these guys all be in peak physical condition? Would I be left behind, as I struggled. Would I not be able to execute the exercises? With all these questions, it took some convincing from Santa’s Little Helper to get me to come out. I sure am glad I did. The biggest influence on me was Snuffy from Jax. Probably old enough to be my dad, and not in peak physical condition; he gave me hope. “If he can do it, I can too” was my thought. Snuffy took extra time with me, explaining that it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you finish. It doesn’t matter if you are last, you are beating everyone who didn’t come out. He also taught me one of my favorite words “modify”. With heavy modification, I was somehow able to finish. I had bettered myself.

I came Fat Dan, but I left Twinkle Toes. In the 6 months sense, I have attended a ton of workouts. I’ve even lead some with our Youth Group when I was out of town for a Mission Trip. I now Q on the regular, a pipe dream if there ever was one. F3 has given me a better physical fitness. But more importantly, it has allowed me to be a more active father and husband. My mentality has changed. I’m not nearly as lazy. I see a task, and I conquer it. This is the true gift of F3 for me. I am mentally stronger than I have ever been before.

Also the brotherhood! I haven’t been this close to a group of guys since college. Knowing I have brothers I can call on for whatever I need. Feeling connected. It’s a great feeling.

If you happen to be reading this, and aren’t involved in F3, my advice; DO IT. It sounds incredibly early now, but you will begin to crave the early morning workout. If I happen to FartSack (sleep in) even if I went to bed well after midnight, I regret it. Not only did I let myself down, but I let my brothers down. They put in the hard work that I was supposed to do with them. I’ll often find myself reading the Back Blast (workout recap) and wistfully imagining I was there.

So where am I now, you may ask? I have now completed two 5k’s and a 10k, both with my 4 year old. I have walked along side a 93 year old who completed his trek across the country on St. Simons Island. I was honored to complete the final 5 miles with him. I entered a Run and Canoe race with my brother. He ran the 4 miles, and we paddled 2, finishing in 2nd place. I have signed up for a GORUCK Tough in 2 months. I am better, and I like a challenge. Am I the most physically fit dude out there, no. But I am out there, in the gloom getting better.

So to all of my F3 brothers, both locally and far away, I humbly thank you. A special thank you to Cow Tipper for bringing the gift of F3 to our little island. I have received the gift of F3, and I know my job is to freely give that gift to others.

2UNDR Review
I promised some of you a review of the 2UNDR compression shorts that Hee Haw convinced me to try. So here it is. If you want a pair, check out Love & Sweat located behind Zaxby’s! Tell them I sent you!!

I had a Science Teacher in HS that would tell us that there were small creatures, who came out while we were sleeping and examine our life. This was his explanation for why things weren’t where we left them, at times. But I digress, I never believed in these creatures, UNTIL I put on my first pair of 2UNDR Powershift. These creatures had no doubt been dispatched by the company to get my exact measurements.

These things feel better than a broke in baseball glove, like your old grey HS shirt 15 years later. A truly magical fit. With their Garmatex’s Coldskin Fabric, which features embedded jade within the fast-drying microfiber filaments. The thermal reduction fabric promotes extra cooling where excess heat builds up. This can reduce the body temps by 3-6 degrees. While wearing these, you will feel a coolness as if you had just applied a generous amount of Gold Bond to your nether regions, and were laying under a fan. You’ll have a smile on your face, kind of like when you just destroyed the bathroom at work, and your hated coworker walks in behind you!

So far these things are amazing. One thing that sets them apart, aside from the feel, from other compression shorts is the “Joey Pouch”. The Joey Pouch is a breathable construction that supports your equipment in comfort and style. The innovative No Drip Tip moisture control layer keeps you dry for those busy, single shake days. The Joey Pouch is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets; as if your twig and berries were resting in their own cloud. The Joey Pouch prevents unwanted skin contact. The ONLY side effect is that it gives you a visually LARGER “profile”. (I know a few of you will buy them solely for this reason)

I haven’t put these through the paces, having only worn them twice. But my goodness are they amazing. The only drawback is the price; $35 each is a little steep for undergarments. But I will be saving my pennies, and will soon only wear these, EVERYDAY. They also have two other kinds, for leisure wear. I don’t know if I’ll even try them. There is nothing better than these performance shorts under your work clothes. Feeling the gentle coolness of the jade, along with the comfort of the Joey Pouch; leaves you feeling as if you know a secret no one else around you knows. Truly amazing. I cant recommend these enough. If I had to rate them, I’d give them a 4.9 out of 5. If they were slightly less expensive, around $20, they would be a 6 out of 5. Truly that amazing. I can’t state that enough.

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