Alphabet Soup… Come and get some.

Five brave souls awoke and raised themselves into the gloom to improve themselves.  

Quick Mossey to end of Pier – Circle up for a quick warm-up – SSH*IC*10, Mountain Climbers*IC*10, Merkins*IC*10, LBC*IC*10*10, Moroccan Night Clubs*IC*10

Mossey back to lawn

Start THE THANG W/ Alphabet soup…

A – American Hammer * IC * 20

B – Bear Crawl Inch Worm

C – Contra Burpees (Burpees with increasing amounts of merkins) * 10

D – Dips * 15

E – Elf on the Shelf (grab grass on one side of you, reach up as high as you can and place it back on the other side of you) * 15

F – Flutter Kicks * 30

G – Groiners (start at a Merkin position and thrust feet forward landing outside of each hand) * 15

H – Hillbillies (like Imperial Walkers, but knees come up to elbows on the same side) * 15

I – Imperial Walkers * 15

J – Jump Ups (Mossey to stairs and jump up on stairs) * 25

K – Knerkin aka the “Chuck Norris” merkin (Merkins on your knuckles not palms) * 15

L – LBC’s * 25

M – Mountain Climber Merkins ( 3 count Mountain Climbers, 1 count Merkin) * 15

N – Nolan Ryan (Side Plank Position with ungrounded arm extended, complete a punching motion as if somone was under your other arm) * 15

O – Outlaw (sitting in the position for flutter kicks, keep your feet together and make a big “o” with them) * 8 to the right, 8 to the left

P – Plank Jacks * 20

Q – Quick 10 count…..

R – Reverse Crunch ( Same position as LBC, but Knees come to chest) * 20

S – Seal Crawl (Same as Bear Crawl, but drag your feet like a seal’s flippers) * to tree

T – Tunnel of Love (Pax Line up in plank position and take turns crawling through)

U – Up Downs (chop your feet or high knees, when Q signals hit the ground and bounce back up to resume chopping feet or high knees) * 15

V – Vertigos (run to tree but with each step rotate yourself so you are always spinning)

W – Wonderbra (find a wall and peoples chair, start with arms at chest extend arms up, back to chest, then straight out and back to chest) * 20

X – X-Cross Sit Up (lay on 6, feet and hands extended like an X, R hand L foot, L hand R foot, both feet both hands) * 15

Y – Young Man’s Run (Sprint to Tree and back)

Z – Zombie Walk (lunge back to flag)


Announcements:  Friend of Hee Haw lost her daughter, also lets be the street lights for Tim

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