Pushing the Rock (Jeep)

Shout out to the five brave souls that showed up to my return Q!

Dunphy posted LATE by 1 minute. He did run to the workout but still… Decided to keep the momentum going and jog towards the park. Stopping to complete

10-merkins, 10-sqauts, 13 burpees and side straddle hops

Finished the short jog to the park.

Did a few light exercises before going to the plank position, Held plank while doing Peter Parkers for at least two minutes while I told the Pushing the Rock story. Big Thank you to twinkle toes for sharing it on Slack a little while back! Go back and read it if you did not already! Posted on Oct 30th I believe.

Started jogging towards SSUMC. Finished the last half with an Indian run.

At church completed

10-merkins,10 squats before moving onto the fun stuff

In order to get the Pushing the Rock story across decided to push the Jeep back and forth in the parking lot. Everyone taking 1 turn to steer and break. So we each were involved in 5 pushes. Each push being a team effort and covering a distance of maybe 50 meters. I almost splashed merlot-ed.

After the fun we started jogging towards the pier but we had to make a U-turn because a creepy van scared me. Decided to go a different direction and play it safe. Completed roughly 15 lunges mid-jog then finished with a sprint to the flag pole.

At the flag pole dropped to the ground to complete big boy sit-ups and more merkins. Moved into the PoP (pavilion of Pain) for step-ups, side straddle hops and burpees.

Finished the workout with sprints and exercises in-between each sprint.

Cowtipper almost jumped into heaven with his amazing burpees!

GREAT workout by everyone! It was definitely a fast paced workout with very very little down time. Mindbender and Rosebud looked amazing!

Sorry for BB delay and it being a little rough.

Don’t miss my next Q!


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