Abtastic, to quote Swerve

Perfect weather down at the SSI pier and perfect name for our morning of ab exercises curtesy of Swerve. I wanted to try out some new things from the F3 lexicon and did have in mind to make us feel some ab muscles (especially the next day) that don’t get much of a workout often times.

How it went down: disclaimer, some stretching, run the pier to the gazebo on the ocean where some dolphins were waiting to distract us as we did rocket dips IC x 25, step ups OYO x 10 each leg, inclined merkins IC x 20, and declined merkins OYO x 10 with all counts in this post approximate.

Mosey over to the grass in front of the lighthouse for: SSH IC x 25, forward arm circles IC x 25, reverse arm circles IC x 25, imperial walkers IC x 25, imperial squat walkers IC x 25, Guantanamo’s for two times around the Pax with the guy getting up doin so Turkish style, burpees OYO x 5, body builder’s IC x 5.

Mosey to the grass next to SSUMC for some ab work: lbc’s IC x 20, flutterkick’s IC x 20, WW I situp’s OYO x 11, WW II situp’s OYO x 11, Dolly’s IC x 20, rosalita’s IC x 20, rosalita’s with intense pain IC x 10, captain thor’s OYO up to 5 and 20 because the Q realized he couldn’t get to 10 and 40 as originally planned, alphabet’s to spell out the word of the day provided by Tin Man I believe (BEAUTIFUL all caps), box cutter’s OYO x 5, dying cockroach IC x 20, mountain climber’s IC x 20, peter parker’s OYO x 10, parker peter’s OYO x 10, lb flutter crunches OYO x 20 (couldn’t stop laughing as this was impossible to carry out; I imagine we’re no good at rubbing our stomachs while patting our heads either), never cross dolly’s IC s 10, not so lazy boys’ for slow 10 counts in each position.

Mosey to casino for: three rounds of deconstructed burpees and finishing up with box jumps x three sets of 20 OYO.

Announcements and prayer to close out our morning.

Good to be back after Matthew screwed up my routine,


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