BD’s Dirty Thirty

Three brave souls made it out of the fartsack and into the gloom.  The prior evening had seen rain, so the ground was wet and the air was heavy… we found refuge on the dry concrete under the canopy.

Mosey around the parking lot to loosen up then finished under the canopy.

15 SSH – IC, 15 Merkins – IC, 15 Big Boy Sit Ups – IC, 15 Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward & Reverse – 15 Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey to end of canopy to start the Bearded Millennial Dirty Thirty Beat Down
30 Lunges – regular
30 Lunges – arms above head
Sprint first 1/2, run/jog the second 1/2 then 30 Derkins OYO
Repeat then 30 Incline Merkins OYO
Repeat then Little Baby Crunches – IC
Repeat then Flutter Kicks – IC
Repeat then Mountain Climbers – IC
Repeat then Hee Haws Hill Billies – IC
Repeat then Wall sit wonder bras – IC
Mosey middle of canopy to celebrate the 1st of December with 12 Burpees
Mosey around the parking lot, sprint last 1/4.
Plank-o-rama – Plank Position, F3 name, Wifes Name, Kids names and ages, favorite Thanksgiving memory
Prayers to local kids, clients, traveling brothers and all effected by the fires.

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