Anyone got a coupon?

Warm up
Mosey to flag pole
20 ssh ic
20 little baby arm circles front and back ic
10 burpees oyo
The Thang
Mosey to car and unload coupons
Cusak Indian run to light house
At light house
Colt 45 ic
20 rosealita
5 Peter Parker pushups oyo
Cusak Indian run to UMC
15 rock-ee oyo
15 Peter Parker outside ic
15 Power jacks ic
Mosey with coupon to beach
10 elf on shelf ic
30 dips on rocks or coupon
Indian walk back to last beach access
Duck walk to Flag Pole
Bombs: Cusak squats, run to whale and back for 100 squats
Bruce lee modified: American hammers, lbc, leg raises, heel touches, crunchy frog
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 ayc in 5 minutes
Carry coupons back to car.
Circle of Man
Great workout today, cut a few things a little short to make it all in time.  But overall a great workout for everyone.

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