Could have called this last workout of the year ’39’ as that was the temperature when we started this morning at the pier but I’ve opted for 61 as that’s my new age as of a week ago and I geared the exercises to add up to 61 as often as possible.


Mosey on the pier and then stopped for Rocket Dips IC x 30 followed by Step Ups OYO x 31. Inclined Merkins x 30 OYO and then Derkins x 31 OYO.

Mosey to the grass in front of the lighthouse for SSH IC x 30, Imperial Walkers IC x 31, Imperial Squat Walkers x 30 OYO, and then Abe Vigodas x 31 OYO.

Body Builders x 5 OYO, then 61 second recovery, and then Body Builders x 5 more OYO (Q was born in ’55, hence 5 plus 5, and didn’t think 61 Body Builders with or without recovery periods would allow F3 in the Golden Isles to continue as we’d all be unable to walk, bath, or feed ourselves for some time).

Mosey to grass next to flagpole for LBCs x 30 OYO, Hundreds x 31 OYO, WWI Sit-ups x 30 OYO, Dollys x 31 OYO, WWII Sit-ups x 30 OYO, Rosalitas x 31 OYO, Alphabets spelling out ‘sixty one’, Peter Parkers x 30 OYO, and then Parker Peters x 31 OYO. Forgot to say Q gave direction to take recovery periods whenever needed today for the number of a Pax’s age in seconds (pays to be older as you get longer breaks when needed). Also forgot to have us do Not So Lazy Boys as was planned so feel free to do these while watching the games today starting with 21 seconds and then 20 seconds to the right and 20 seconds to the left.

Remainder of morning was spent playing cards with Merkins for clubs, Step Ups for diamonds, Squats for hearts, and SSHs for spades. Nobody drew the joker which was going to be age of the lucky Pax for the number of reps of exercise of their choice.

Circled up for announcements with Catnip closing us in prayer followed by coffee for some and breakfast for others.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!


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