The 12 Days of F3 SSI Christmas

YHC was scheduled to administer this beatdown on 12/26 when the title would’ve been an even better fit but sleepless 2.0s led to a Q fartsack and fill in from HeeHaw.  Three restful days later, we gave this one another go…

The Thang

Two line indian run to the traffic circle


  • SSH x 10
  • IW x 10
  • ??

The 12 Days

  • 1 lap around the circle
  • 2 high jump squats
  • 3 jumping lunges
  • 4 bear crawl around the circle/mountain climbers
  • 5 monkey humpers
  • 6 burpees
  • 7 starbursts
  • 8 body builders
  • 9 carolina dry docks
  • 10 rock hoppers
  • 11 LBCs

Mosey back to base

  • 12 peter parker merkins (solo) without the other 11 exercises


Naked Man Moleskin

The backblast is short which makes it appear to be easy but this one was a real smokefest.  YHC had to call an audible around Day 6 and replace Day 4 with mountain climbers.  We never would’ve made it doing bear crawls (only for time reasons of course)

Some serious crop dusting early on added a few steps to everyone’s mosey as the PAX dispersed to escape the cloud

T-claps to the entire PAX who pushed themselves throughout the workout

Welcome to our FNG Little Dipper.  He was almost named “Grizzly” but Gutenman declared “NOT ON MY WATCH” will someone get such a manly name.  Safe travels on your next trip overseas LD


BRUNSWICK LAUNCH ON 1/4.  5:30 AM at Howard Coffin Park.  PLEASE come out and help us get a new workout up and running on the mainland.  This is our first workout expansion in a long time and there is huge potential in Brunswick.  Commit to being there and bring a buddy.

Multiple special events coming up in the next two months

  • Wolfson 55K – Need a Q
  • Bridge Run – Cow Tipper Q
  • Dolphin Day Run – Need a Q

Will be compiling details and sending out in a newsletter soon.  If you’d like to be in charge of getting an F3 team registered for one of these, please let me know ASAP

One year anniversary convergence planned for 3/4/17.  Put this one on your calendar!  Will be inviting F3 Jacksonville and F3 Savannah to come join us for a special beatdown.

See you in 2017.

Cow Tipper

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