Better than yesterday

As we push thru life, we as men battle.  We are in constant fights, whether it be with our own sad clown or worldly pressures.  Our battles, though never ending, can be fought from higher ground by living as 3rd.  God, Family, Self… Romans 8:31 says that if God for us, who can be against us? Put God first and its like a secrect weapon the enemy hates.  Get out of the warm cozy bed, lock shields in battle with your brothers! Let a Rick Flair WWWWOOOOOOOOOO out and know you about to fly off the top ropes and kick start your day, year, and life off right! Reach out to brothers that haven’t posted in a minute, get them back into the gloom. You may be the person that helps defeat your brother’s sad clown, and remember….. your Secret Weapon!



10 Burpee buy in OYO

10 SSH, 10 Tempo Squats, 10 little baby arm circles F/R

PARTNER UP!!!!  (Size doesn’t matter (insert joke) )

DORA 1,2,3 Merkins….Squats…. LBC got the blood flowing, and heart pumping!

Next… Tha Smokehouse (x3 rounds) Decline Merkins x5, Merkins x10, Incline Merkins x15, Dips x20  Mosey from benches to picnic table, Rinse warsh and repeat!

Mosey to casino, Four Corners of box jumps 10, 15, 20, 25 walking lunges from corner to corner in between sets.

Mixed bag of calf raises.

wall sit w/ wonder bra action

mosey around the block


Brunswick AO LAUNCH 1/14/17 Howard Coffin Park… tell your Brunswick dudes to post!  We also discussed my bowl movements, and number of poops.  I’m very regular and scheduled. Also, how to cook Greens. Maybe the greens I ate had something to do with the poop. But seriously…. reach out to Kotters, get them back.  The Sad Clown is a Wiley foe, but together we can defeat him!


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