Insanity, Catnip style.

Eight men made it a priority to leave the warm, cozy fartsack for a crisp new beat down Catnip style.  The beat down will not be clearly described in my write up today, as I’m sure he wishes to “surprise and delight” others with his first solo Q.

Mosey to pier and back to flag area for a warm-up.

LBC x 10 – IC, Flutter Kicks x 10 – IC, American Hammer x 10 – IC, Imperial Walkers x 10 – IC, Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 – IC, Reverse, Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 – IC.

Start Catnip’s Insanity Round 1

Slowsy to Tinmans truck and pick up log coupons and mosey to grassy area overlooking ocean.  Drop all logs in a pile, then line up about arms length apart.

Log Bucket Brigade – Move all logs from one end of pax to other and complete 2 tricep dips with each log as you receive it.  Repeat using 2 military press with each log.  Repeat using 2 bicep curls with each log.

Mosey back to flag area to start Catnip’s Insanity Round 2

Mosey back to logs pick up and return to Tinman’s truck.  Then mosey back to flag area.Partner up – Each group completes total amount of exercises between the two partners

LBC – 50, Flutter Kicks – 50, American Hammer – 50

Partner on left move clockwise to next group.  Repeat

Partner on left move clockwise to next group.  Repeat

Start Catnip’s Insanity Round 3

Prayer requests for storm victims, local children with cancer, local children that are sick, and others.

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