Beach Access Denied

On a quiet and mild Monday morning, six of us took a tour of south SSI for our weekly downpainment…

The Thang:

Mosey down Butler Ave, twice attempting to hit the beach but stymied each time.  Instead commenced COP on the spot:


  • Side straddle hops x 15
  • Carolina dry docks x 15
  • Dollys x 15

Partner up for partner chase all the way to the Pearly Gates (which were open this morning…significance?)

Planks with left and right arms/legs high + six inches

Partner carries back to Blind Alley

Mosey down Blind Alley and up Kings Way to Rust Belt’s Sunday home

Bear crawl up and down the ramp, 10 star jumps, crab walk back around

Crawl bear up and down the ramp, 10 sumo jump squats, lunge walk back around

Single file mosey down Magnolia Ave and Kings Way, with AYG the last 100 yards back to the flagpole


Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome to FNG Green Screen who posted naked (Bearded Millenial EH’d him).  Hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll be back.  If you’re there on Thursday, you’ll meet a whole new batch of great guys who love to get after it on the schoolyard.

The discussion between techie Woz and techie Green Screen over what his nickname should be left the rest of us technical neophytes bewildered.  Hammerhead and I aren’t familiar with these “mainframes” you speak of.  We only speak Facebook


NOTE: SATURDAY’S WORKOUT WILL BE AT THE BRIDGE RUN FROM 7:30-8:15 AM.  Even if you’re not running, come post for the double down and help us show all of the runners, walkers, and firemen what F3 is all about

If you’re planning to do the Dolphin Day Run, contact D2 who is coordinating runners and volunteers – or (859) 285-8880

First Anniversary Convergence is the following week – 3/4/17.  DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

That’s all folks,


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