To paraphrase James Taylor’s “Walking Man”-“A walking man RUNS!!”

What a beautiful morning on SSI. 7 PAX braved…well, nothing. The early hour I guess because everything else was wonderful!

After the mandatory disclaimer statements and making fun of Cow Tipper’s new weight vest which, in case anyone wonders, looks like a prop from “A Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, and a very rhetorically question to the PAX as to their permission to “run more than usual,” Inmate led the PAX via Mosey from the village area to the Mallory Park.

The circle of pain included:

20 Side straddle Hops

15 two count squats

2 count pyramid Merkins from 1 through 5 for a total of 50

Partner wheelbarrow carry up the park ramp

2 count LBCs pyramid from 1 through 10 for a total 100

Mosey to First Baptist

Pyramid Burpees for 25 total

2 count pyramid flutterkicks from 1-5 for 50 total

Mosey to Boulevard Cafe to look for long, lost Santa’s Little Helper

Mosey back to casino area for a total of 2.8 miles

Circle of concerns and dismissal

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