Twinkle Toes Comeback Tour Vol. 2


COP-IC with coupons, switching hands after 10
20-Moroccan Night Club
20-Wonder Bra
20 second-Iron Cross Hold
Our Shoulders were screaming!

Mosey to bleachers

Bleachers OYO
15-skier jumps
15-dot jumps
15-X jumps
30-toe taps
30-calf raises+pulse until everyone is done
15-Negative Tempo Calf Raises-IC
15-Squats+pulse until everyone is done
10-Ninja Squats IC
Now our legs were screaming!

10-American Hammers

Mosey to back building

4-rounds of approx 60 second wall sits while I shared a story! Each pax was required to bring a Brick and a Bottle of Water. The Rock is viewed as the stronger of the two, but over time the water will cut through the rock, look at the Grand Canyon. How does the rock do this? 2 words, cohesion and adhesion. Through cohesion, bonding with other water molecules, the water forms the ultimate Shield Lock. Through adhesion the water sticks to the surface and follows the same path laid out for it. If we are adhesive to F3, and cohesive with each other the things we can accomplished will put people in awe; much like the Grand Canyon!

Mosey Back to Flags

10-Wonder Bra
20-American Hammers
10-American Hammers

War Pig has the VQ tomorrow
First Friday-Setting up a table in down town this Friday 5-8. More deets see YHC
ERT-4/29 sign up with YHC
USMC Mud Run aka F3 Super Bowl 5/20-sign up ASAP

Prayer concerns
HeeHaw 2.0 driving back from panhandle

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