Legs….Gotta do em’

Rise and shine!  We had four hard working ruckers meet us at our best showing yet of ironman!  We worked hard on our 2.0-maker moves with a few awkward moments…good thing it was dark.


Warm up:

Imperial walkers x 20 IC, Windmills x 20 IC

The Exercise:

LUnge walks with coupons/rucks 50 meters; quad press’ x10 IC, isolated lunges w/coupon x20 each leg OYO, calf raises x 50 OYO, jump lunges x 10 IC, squats w/ CB x10 IC, parker peters x40 each leg (80 total) OYO, Quad press x 20 OYO, Quad press x 15 OYO, bulgarian split squat X10 oyo x5 oyo, reverse lunge x 10 IC, Lunge walks w/ coupons 40 meters OYO.


pidgeon both legs, cobra, shoulder bridge

Announcements & prayer requests:

mud run saturday, last day to collect supplies for firemen, happy to see Nomad back at workouts, still looking for a saturday Q, sorry if I missed others


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