Turtle Power

With the bulk of the regular PAX representing SSI F3 at the Mud Run, a bright, muggy morning greeted the remaining PAX for the VQ workout.  While out on the pier, we were fortunate to see a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle come up for air and share a quick couple of IC reps during the Chinooks.  Island life is good.
Mosey to flag area
25 IC Goofball – Run in place mountain climbers
25 IC Sidestraddle Hop
Mosey to end of Pier
20 IC LBAC F / Iron Cross
20 IC LBAC B / Iron Cross
20 IC Chinooks / Iron Cross
20 IC Wonderbra / Iron Cross
Mosey flag area
Doras (partner)
Each team had to complete the following –
100 merkins
150 squats
200 Side Imperial Walkers
One partner ran a out and back short sprint – running out in high knees, running bak in butt kickers, while other worked on exercises, then exchange.
10 IC Bay City Scissors (up/down/left/right)
OYO American Hammer (Somewhere between 20 and 30)
10 IC Freddie Mercuries
20 Big Boy situps OYO
10 IC Peter Parkers
Mosey to Lighthouse Parking lot
Burpee Ladder/shuttle Run
5 burpees, up and back, 4 burpees….
Mosey to Pool parking lot
Reverse Burpee Ladder/shuttle Run
1 burpee, up and back, 2 burpees….
Mosey back to flag area
10 IC Angle Grinder (cross pushup 8 count)
   Q was gassed at this point (thanks to Warpig for the counting help on the Angle Grinder)
2 30 sec sets of Rocky Balboa
PAX Choice –
Tin Man – flutter kicks in alternate speeds to exhaustion
Warpig – Quad Squats, 15 IC
Uptown Girl – American Hammer 10 IC
Manna House 1st Saturday in June
Prayers out to PAX at Mud Run, friends of Tin Man

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