Do you like hardcore?

When preparing for todays workout, I chose a wildcard exercise not really knowing how it would work out.  The exercise was blackjack (2 exercises; 20 of first, 1 of second; 19 of first 2 of second; so the numbers always add up to 21).  We did merkins and spinal rocks….it hurt.  The focus of the workout was on core strength and abs….hence the hardcore.

Yoga mats/towels were suggested due to the work on our 6.  Loveseat was entertaining, he brought a little camping pillow.  Not sure if it was any help.

We started with 4 men this morning and a late entry of 3 ruckers.

Warm up was 10 hee-haws IC, 10 LBC IC

The workout:

Jui jitzu crunch x 20 IC, Sphinx merkin x20 IC, left side leg lifts x25 IC, left bicycle kicks forward and reverse x25 IC, FLIP –> right side leg lifts x 25 IC, right bicycle kicks forward and reverse x25 IC.  Enter the Blackjack exercise w/ Merkins and spinal rocks.  As the PAX finished up they did doggie paddles waiting for the last man to finish up.  Mountain climbers x 100 OYO, X’s and O’s and leg elevators.

Prayer requests and Announcements:

Manna House coming up & pray for Bundy’s father in law, pray for Twinkletoes kid with a fever…missed you out there TT

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