Monday Funday

Six men joined me Monday for my VQ, including a couple of grizzled warriers that rucked into the workout after posting at Mudrun this weekend.  We also welcomed an FNG who knows a thing or two about early morning PT as a ROTC cadet – welcome Hardwood!

We journeyed all around the pier area, trying to keep heart rates up by varying locales between sets.


20 IC Side straddle hop

Mosey around Barbara Jeans to Casino



10 IC Moroccan Nightclub

10 IC Merkins

10 IC stepups R

10 IC stepups L

15 IC Wonderbra while wall squatting

Mosey around Methodist church back to pier

30 OYO dips

We conducted the remainder of exercises on the pier, running from the end to end between sets

10 IC merkins, mosey

10 IC squats, mosey

10 IC Hillbilly Imperial walkers, mosey

10 IC Carolina Dry docks, mosey

Lungewalk together, mosey

10 IC Imperial walkers, mosey

10 IC LBC, 10 IC flutterkicks, 10 IC Rosalitas, 10 IC American hammer, mosey

5 OYO burpees, mosey

10 IC frog leg pushes, mosey

10 IC elevated leg merkins

30 OYO dips

Sprint to flag


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