Block-o-rama part deux

Summer has unofficially begun, which means its time for the beach.  Is your beach-bod ready or are you still a lump of raw chicken?  If you are anything like me, the unspoken reason you joined F3 is so you can good naked….or at least as good as possible.  Today at Ironman we took another step away from our raw chicken physique.

Hammerhead had an excellent attempt at rucking this workout, I give him credit for trying!  He made it most of the way through.  Uptown girl had difficulty breaking away from being the little spoon and arrived 5 minutes after we began.  Loveseat said that this workout brought him the closest to throwing up since one of his first ever workouts.  Hardwood was fueled by teenage blood, which I am more convinced at 35YO that it has some type of mythical powers.

The warmup: Big arm circles forward x10 IC, LACR x10 IC; windmills x10 IC, imperial walkers x10 IC, side straddle hops x10 IC followed by a small history lesson on how they became known as the “Jumping Jack”

The workout: Crab and block 40m, blockee x15 OYO, block rows X12 IC, block merkins x10 IC, block rows x10 IC, block merkins x 7 IC, block and bear 40m, the Hodor x15 OYO, Block (Kettle bell) swing x 20 OYO, Block gamma cast x10 OYO, lunge walks 40m, block and bear 40m, squat press x15 OYO, Standing row x15 IC, Colt 45 w/blocks, step up merkins on block, crab and block 40m.


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