Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

After a six week hiatus (fartsack) from Qing, YHC took the reins again today along with my THREE FNGS! Even had a fourth on the hook but I’ll reel him in another week.  I promised a lighter running day so obviously we started out with some running…

The Thang


Mosey out the drive-in and around the school

Bear crawl down Thunder Alley


  • Side straddle hop x 15
  • Imperial walkers x 15
  • Dollys x 16
  • Chuck Norris x 5 (knuckles on asphalt are no bueno)
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10
  • Prisoner squats x 15

Mosey to front of school

Tabata – 10 rounds, 5 burpees per minute

Mosey back to playground for two quick sets

  • 5-10-15 – pull-ups – dips – lunges
  • rinse and repeat with 8-13-18 reps

Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio big boy situps and American hammers all the way up to 10:40

Wind sprints

  • Regular
  • Backwards
  • From flat on the ground


Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome to FNGs Bagel Bite, Evita, and Shingle.  Shingle used to drain 3s in my face in church league basketball growing up – it was good to be back out there sweating with him without the embarrassment.

For the non-history buffs out there, Evita references Eva Peron who was first lady of Argentina from 1946-1952 and is who the movie/musical Evita is about.  Also Don’t Cry For Me Argentina for the musically inclinedón

Announcements and Prayer Requests

Manna House this Saturday from 9-1.  Need volunteers to help serve food and clean up

F3 Kickball this Saturday at Sailor’s Warning.  2.0 friendly

Next Saturday, June 10th we’ll have guest Qs Goose and HotSpot from F3 Summerville.  Promises to be a great workout.  Last time they were here, they brought a dozen logs all the way from South Carolina.

Please send a giant pile of prayers in Bundy’s direction as his family deals with multiple health issues

Please pray for safe and fulfilling experiences for BM, HeeHaw, TwinkleToes and Hammerhead who will be completing different combinations of GORUCK events this weekend.

Until next time plebes,

Cow Tipper

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