A Beating By The Sea, By The Sea………..

Conditions: 77 and Breezy with mild humidity.

Count: 12 Pax with one FNG – Welcome Chuck Norris.

The Thang:

Warm up at COP: Goose – 20 SSH IC, 15 Through the Tunnel IC, Hot Spot – 20 Don Quixote IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC.

Pair into battle buddies for 5-4-3-2-1-GO!

Each team completes the following: 500 LBC single count, 400 Squats single count, 300 Flutter Kicks 4-count, 200 Merkins single count, 100 Burpees. One man down on PT while partner runs the loop. Loop is around walking path and through mid point of building and back around.

All teams finished. Once teams completed Goose drilled them with Plank work and Mary – WW1 situps and Freddie Mercurys.

COT: Announcements, Pledge of Allegiance, and Ball of Man.

Goose – Devotion – Being a Mark and a Barnabus.

Moleskins: T-claps to St. Simons for hosting us and allowing us to Q! Congrats to all men for pushing and completing a difficult workout!

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