Independence Day 2017 Double Down Beatdown!


We relocated IRONMAN to Mallery Park for our Independence Day 2017 Sunshine Festival Double Down Beatdown!  We started with 10, and then Rosebud and Milkbone arrived late (doing their best BM impersonation).

C.O.P. we did a quick 3 Exercises  10 count in Cadence, Side Straddle Hops, Jeff Imperial Walkers (explained to our visitors why we call them J.I.W’s, and tempo squats.

I told the PAX that the reason we did only 3 and todays beatdown would only consist of 3 movements was that we needed to live as 3rd. In Freed to Lead, OBT and Dredd reference Gale Sawyers book I am 3rd.  Refreshing the PAX memory…. God – First, Family – Second, and Self – Third.

we strolled over to “Scott Risi Field” and started the beatdown which consisted of 8 rounds with 10 reps each Push ups, Squats, and Situps. Which totaled up to 240 reps, the last round was a single 8 count body builder to round out 241 reps, which is today the age of our Great Republic! She is celebrating 241 years of freedom today!

Next up was 5 rounds of 10 reps each of push ups, sit ups, and squats.  Good ole simple minded, can’t count Hee Haw, was pointing out that we are going to do 50 for 50 States, and Warpig and Loveseat battled over how quickly they could correct me that we were going to a total of 150…. I got nothing for that other than there are like 150 countries and we’re the BEST. Side note, I did a quick google machine search and there are actually 195 countries, so you got lucky boys!

Last of the three workouts was a Burpee ladder starting at 13… you guessed it, for the 13 colonies that started our great nation.  As we worked down the ladder Loveseat (rainman) told the pax that we would complete 97 Burpees.  Matlock for SAV, said we should add three more to make it an even 100, and we did!!!!!

Today’s totals: 150 Push ups, 150 Sit ups, 150 Squats, 100 Burpees, and 1 8-count. per man!


Pledge followed by announcements and prayer requests.  Announcements reminder about the Toydrive at Live Oak Fitness July 8th.  Prayer request, Bundy’s family and his friends son in DC, also continued prayers for F3 Lexington and Cheech’s family and friends.

So, Inmate, Matchbox 20, Rosebud, Suess, Rustbelt, YHC, and my 2.3 F3 Wynndy ran the 5K.  I sent my kid on his way with the speedsters and I pulled up the rear.  Inmate took First place in his age division, and narrowly lost the masters division T-Claps!!!!  Wynndy took second place in his age group.  Great showing of F3 Men!!!!



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