Deck of Death Blackjack, Buddy Circuit PT. 2 and other stuff

Tclaps for the 11 men who joined me to post this morning at Sailors Warning. I apologize for starting a minute late and running late, but it was all good. We had 1 FNG and an F3 brother from Raleigh join in the fun (more on that later).


10 SSH, 10 LBAC F&B, 10 windmill, 10 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

10 stations, 2 minutes exercise, 30 seconds rest between. Exercises consisted of jump rope/mountain climbers, medicine ball tosses, windmills, Turkish get-ups, tug o war, sandbag lunges/LBC's, kettle bell swings/merkins, goblet squat press/burpees, and kettle bell rows /flutter kicks.

To wrap up, we did a short mosey around the casino, 20 bench jump/step-ups, 15 bench dips, 10 push-ups, 5 pull ups and Deck of Death Blackjack for one round. Plank until 6 arrived.

COT, named FNG "Cher", Manna House and F3 Kickball next sat.


PAX-Woz, D2, Bundy, Stitches, Rosebud, Stitches, Peaches (F3 Raieigh), Uptowngirl, Loveseat, Cher (FNG), and Doolittle (late, but we'll give him credit)

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