Burpin’ n’ Merkin

It was a cool and comfortable Renegade morning…a good morning to kick off with a ruck—which YHC and D2 did—before meeting four other PAX back at the AO for the following:


  • Calf stretch on curb + Chinooks, 10x, IC
  • Calf stretch on curb (other leg) + Wonderbras, 10x, IC
  • Plank > Up Dog > Down Dog
  • Pigeon + Twist (both sides)

Mosey to end of entrance lane

  • Deep Squat + LBACF then LBACR, 10x, IC
  • Weed Pickers, 10x, IC
  • Jeff Imperial Squat Walkers, 10x, IC

Mosey to traffic circle for a round of the Burp & Merk. The Burp & Merk is a pyramid routine that goes as follows:

  • Do a standard Burpee
  • On the next Burpee, do two Merkins
  • On the next Burpee, do three Merkins
  • Continue this pattern until the Burpee includes ten Merkins (the top of the pyramid), then continue in a descending order down the other side of the pyramid for a total of 19 Burpees that includes 100 Merkins.

Mosey back to entrance lane

  • Low Lunge w/ Side Twist (each side)
  • Hillbilly Squats, 10x, IC

Mosey back to truck. Pair up. Get one cinderblock per pair. Move over to the benches. Alternate with one partner doing Blockees and the other doing Burpee Box Jumps. Switch after 10.

Move over to the flags for the following cool down:

  • Achilles stretch on curb + Chinooks, 10x, IC
  • Achilles stretch on curb (other leg) + Moroccan Night Clubs, 10x, IC
  • Triangle Pose (each side)
  • Plank (high and low) > Down Dog > Cat/Cow
  • Side Angle Pose (each side)


  • Manna House this weekend.
  • No F3 Kickball this Saturday. Looks like Rubble will steer the beatdown.
  • Rosebud’s open house is this Sunday from 4-7. Bring the families.
  • Twinkletoes’s shindig at his house is next Thursday. He’ll put more info on Slack.

Prayer Requests:

  • No spoken ones today, but we need to pray for safe travels for the several guys who will be on the road this weekend.

Last, but not least…. Go Dawgs!

(And, because I’m a music geek, I’m going to continue posting the playlist for my workouts….)

Today’s Playlist:

“Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)” – Bill Conti

“Ramble On” – Led Zeppelin

“Times Like These” – Foo Fighters

“Smokin’” – Boston

“Gold On The Ceiling” – The Black Keys

“Country Music Jesus” – Eric Church

“Hard As a Rock” – AC/DC

“Dead and Bloated” – Stone Temple Pilots

“Run Around” – Blues Traveler

“Click Click Boom” – Saliva

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