Rainy day circuit

Five intrepid Pax braved cold(ish) and wet(ish) weather this morning. D2 wore, no joke, 4 layers of clothes. We did most of the workout on the covered sidewalk in front of OPES.  We got after it.


SSH IC x15

Imperial squat hillbilly walkers IC x15

Ultimate merkins IC x5


The thang

30 dips, bear crawl to halfway point, 30 merkins, lunges walk to end, 30 big boy situps, high knees to middle, 30 bobby Hurley squats, suicides to startex.

Repeat circuit with 25 reps, then again with 20 reps

Next circuit is 15 reps, but replace dips with incline tricep extension (stand far away from bench and push up with elbows going down to focus on triceps), replace merkins with tempo merkins, replace BB sit-ups with American hammer, and replace bobby Hurleys with imperial squat walkers.

Repeat one more time with 15 reps (combined the 10 and 5 rounds to fit it in and get all our reps).

Total of 105 reps in circuit on each body part, plus all the movements in between.

Announcements – Manna House today if available with SSUMC (and Saturday?).

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