The Walls of Jericho, Elsa-Style

This morning was cold.

Like next level cold…at least for the Isle of St. Simons.

The wind chill was somewhere in the teens.

BUT, five—yes, five—dedicated and brave PAX bested what I’m sure was a soft and swaddly fartsack and came out to honor God with their minds and their bodies.

After the disclaimer, we started out with a much-needed warm-up:

  • Calf Stretch + Wonderbras, 10x, IC
  • Calf Stretch (alt leg) + Chinoooks, 10x, IC
  • Achilles Stretch + Big Arm Circles Forward, 10x, IC
  • Achilles Stretch (alt leg) + Big Arm Circle Backward, 10x, IC
  • Worse, Worse, Worse Squat + Forearm Stretch (swap after a five count), 10x, IC
  • Supine Pigeon (hold for 20-count)

We then moseyed to the OPES playground to the serenade of cryonic grass crunching underfoot for a routine from the F3 site called the “Walls of Jericho” that calls for seven exercises, seven reps of each, for seven rounds with a lap around the school between each round. Even though I had the speaker pumping stuff like AC/DC, Anthrax, and Van Halen, it’s as if I could also hear the faint voice of the Snow Queen Elsa singing “Let It Go” softly in the back of my mind.

The exercises were:

  • Derkins
  • Inverted Rows
  • Air Squats
  • Box Jumps
  • Big Boy Situps
  • Flutter Kicks (4-count)
  • Triceps Dips

Time caught up with us after the fourth round and we then moseyed back to the parking lot to stretch it out as follows:

  • Calf Stretch + Moroccan Night Clubs, 10x, IC
  • Calf Stretch (other leg) + Moroccan Night Clubs, 10x, IC
  • Achilles Stretch + LBACF, 10x, IC
  • Achilles Stretch (other leg) + LBACR, 10x, IC
  • Pigeon (hold for a 20 count) to Quad Stretch (hold for a 10 ct) to Torso Twist (hold for a 10 ct)
  • Rinse and repeat this Pigeon sequence on the other side


  • None. It was cold. Folks were ready to go.

Prayer Requests:

  • Bundy’s wife’s job situation.
  • Bundy’s dog, Kiwi.

Stay warm.

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