Misty Mountain Hop

Waves were crashing against the rocks and the rain let up just in time for a perfect, misty, 60 degree morning at the pier.

The Thang:

Mosey around the casino, stopping out on the pier in a plank


  • Merkins x 10
  • SSH x 20
  • Tempo squats x 15
  • Rock hopper x 10
  • Lunges x 10

Mosey back to land and grab a coupon from the shore.  Rotate around circle to coupon to your right after each set

  • Overhead press x 10
  • Bench press x 10
  • Dolly with coupon held up over chest x 10
  • Curl x 10
  • Bent over row x 10
  • Hold at full extension

Mosey to lighthouse for Jacob’s Ladder to 7.  Alternate bear crawl/crawl bears up with burpees at top

Mosey back to casino

Karaoke across casino to sunken living room


  • Rosalita x 15
  • Dolly x 10
  • Oblique crunch x 10 each side
  • Big boy sit-ups x 20 OYO

From “3 Exercises You Should Do Everyday” https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/daily-exercises

  • Wall slides
  • Passive single-leg hip raises
  • Thoracic rotations


Naked Man Moleskin

Stayed close to home today which is not the norm for me.  Recognizing that I default to lots of running when I Q because that’s where I’m comfortable.  Tried to break that mold and focus on total body strength and especially upper body muscles today.


Race season starting up

  • Bridge Run – Hee Haw Q
  • Dolphin Day – D2 Q

Manna House this Saturday (2/3) – volunteers especially needed since many PAX will be at Ironman this weekend with SSCC



Matthew 5:44 (NASB) But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.


As an officer in the fire department, you have to deal with men who try your patience at times. When I first made lieutenant, I was assigned to a fire house where one of the men came to work under the influence of alcohol. Obviously, that was an issue and I couldn’t look the other way. I had to address the situation the first time I saw it, and it caused problems. The man didn’t understand why I was “picking” on him. I explained that it was for his own good. Each time he came to work in that state, I would call the chief and send him home. On the days that he came in and wasn’t under the influence, I tried to talk to him about his drinking. Over time, he left my crew. I often prayed for him to come to peace and understanding. Years later at a Bible study, guess who showed up? Yep! One of the first things he said to me was, “Thanks for trying to help me back then. I never forgot what you said to me. I have been sober for over four years now.” Those words made me feel a sense of relief that I didn’t turn my head from the problem like so many others did. He told me that the conversations we had on good days led him to take a good look at himself and to get help. Reconciliation can take many forms in our life. They all deal hope. Where does hope need to be applied to your life? 

It takes a little extra effort to tune into those around us and provide the encouraging nudge or tough love they sometimes need to be better men.  Look for opportunities this week to set that example for someone in your life.  You’ll both be better for it.

Always thankful for the quality time with you men…

Cow Tipper


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