“This is how I fight my battles….”

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I’d like to say that the annual SSCC Iron Man should be on the yearly to-do list for every member of our PAX. It’s fun, it’s moving, it’s challenging, it’s unburdening, it’s social, it’s restful, it’s gluttonous, and, most importantly, it can be a fresh start for those who let down their guards and open their hearts and invite God in to just wreck who you are and rebuild you anew.

Is it costly? Yes. Does that cost come at a tough time of year? Yes? Is it worth it? It is worth it beyond measure. If you have any questions, see anyone tagged in this backblast and we can steer you in the right direction.

Now, The Thang:

Eight PAX (including one FNG) rose early on the banks of Honey Creek to put in work and set an example of what it looks like for iron to sharpen iron for some other 300 men in attendance who, despite being invited publicly to join in, opted for the warm swaddle of a foreign, rustic, camp-grade fartsack. I guess we could call this AO “Sailor’s Warning South.”

After the disclaimer, YHC kicked off the frigid morning with the following warm-up:

  • SSH, 25x, IC
  • Weed Pickers, 15x, IC
  • Cross legs, hammy stretch + LBACF, IC, 15x
  • Other side, hammy stretch + LBACR, IC, 15x
  • Pigeon w/ twist, each side, hold for 15-ct
  • Deep Squat + Chinooks, IC, 15x

Once done, I turned over the Q to our Guest Q, Cheerleader (kneeling next to me in the photo), who was attending Iron Man from F3 Augusta. He started us off with a slow mosey around a section of Honey Creek, through the trees, making sure not to trip over any exposed roots.

Then, when back at the clearing next at the center of the campground, we partnered up for a little “curls for the girls” Dora that consisted of Partner One doing coupon curls until Parter Two returned from a long Bear Crawl (or Walking Lunge) from the opposing tree line and rotated out until each team hit 300 curls.

(While the other six PAX slaved through 300 curls with with fairly heavy sandbags, Woz and Blackberry chose a slight modification and curled sledgehammers that might have weighed in the neighborhood of 8-10 lbs.)

Next, we made our way around four markers that were arranged in a square with each corner roughly 15-20 yards apart. Around this square we’d perform the following chest blaster for three rounds:

  • Corner One – Merkins, 10x, OYO
  • Corner Two – Diamond Merkins, 10x, OYO
  • Corner Three – Knerkins, 10x – OYO
  • Corner Four – Wide Merkins, 10x, OYO

After that, we hit the ground for a couple of quick rounds for the core, separated by a mosey to the tree line and back after each:

  • American Hammers (2-ct), 25x, OYO
  • Big Boy Situps, 25x, OYO
  • LCBs, 25x, OYO
  • Flutter Kicks (2-ct), 25x, OYO

Next, we slid over to the backstop for a couple of rounds of Balls to the Wall.

After that, Cheerleader turned things back over to YHC. We moseyed over to the entrance to the chapel and I led the PAX through a round of yoga as a cool down and then we walked into the chapel and, after testimonies, announcements, and FNG naming, we closed out with a BOM and prayer in an all-glass pulpit to God’s majestic sun rising over Honey Creek.


All sorts of runs coming up. Bridge. Dolphin Day. Maybe more. It escapes me. They’ll be recounted in upcoming backblasts.

Welcome FNG Estefan…as in Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. That’s him standing right behind me in the photo. He’s a FLETC instructor who lives on SSI, so maybe we’ll see more of him.

Lastly, see Slack for the YouTube video I posted with the video of a song called “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” by Josh Baldwin. Equal parts song and chant, this was the official battle cry for Iron Man 2018. Those of you who were there will never forget the incredible presence of the Holy Spirit that pulsed through the tent during this song. Those of you who weren’t need to go ahead and pencil this into your calendars for 2019.


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