A walk in the park

First things first… We had both Flags, and Chew-Barka to lead the way.  It was cool and crisp, and the PAX was ready to get after it.

We left the AO and moesey’ed to Parkers for a quick COP of crowd and fan favorites: SSH, LBAC, and Jeff Imperial Walkers.

Mosey to the Baseball field, where the only sign of Bearded Millennial was his name in the outfield on a championship sign.  Where ya been BM?  We copied Cheerleader’s Dante’s Inferno from Ironman (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).  Each base had 2 PAX on it, Home = Wide Grip Merkins, First Base = Chuck Norris Merkins, 2nd Base = Diamond Merkins, 3rd Base = Merkins.   10 Reps on each base for 3 rounds… it was a little muddy, so you had to keep off your knees! 120 Various Merkins

Mosey to tennis courts, I had planned to do Burpee Suicides, but decided on Squats instead. 20 Squats for each out of bounds line…. 8 lines = 160 Squats

Mosey to Hotbox, we did a Jacobs Ladder of 4 Count Flutter kicks at the bottom, and squats at the top.  Starting at 10 and working our way toward 1.

Praise: IRONMEN retreat and may God continue to still in those men.

Prayers: Loveseat’s Flu, Bradley Family, Sparkles’ M-in-law, Uptown Girl-Hee Haw-Bundy Accountability plan.

Announcements: Bridge Run, Dolphin Day, F3 Lunch 2-7-18 @ Marshside.

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