New AOQs Announced

The PAX showed up to another Renegade workout without a Q so Woz stepped up to take the lead.  We started with a warm-up that included side straddle hops, little baby arm circles, chinooks, and some other stuff.  Then we moseyed to the back of OPES for the THANG:

Reverse Partner Dorasides – the PAX paired up and completed 300 squats, 200 4-count little baby crunches, and 100 merkins.  Partner #2 ran suicides to the rain gutters and back, then swapped with Partner #1.

Uptown Girl took over and had us mosey back to the front of OPES.  There he challenged us mentally and physically with balance-based exercises that made us look like a bunch of odd-ball dancers and figure skaters.

Bundy then led the PAX in some yoga poses to help stretch out our arms, legs, and back.

During the Circle of Trust, Bearded Millennial (AOQ for Renegade) was thrown under the bus multiple times for never showing up to workouts and not fulfilling his duties as AOQ. So YHC, using the power bestowed upon him as ComzQ, decided it was time to select new AOQs for all of F3SSI’s Area of Operations (AOs).  The newly selected AOQs are:

Newly appointed AOQs should refer to the AOQ Guidelines document for more information.


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