There is nothing inherently wrong with comfort – it’s just that it is the enemy.  No growth occurs in comfort.  Comfort is the frog in the pot of water slowly simmering only to eventually boil it to death.  Enjoy your comfort – but do not stay there too long.

This morning 12 pax and YHC threw off the comfort of the fartsack and met up at OPES.

It wasn’t perfect, it was better.  I’m not a professional, but you would hardly know that.  The disclaimer was recited – verbatim from the manual – and we amended it that you were indeed to seek payment from Geico as he should have proper insurance.

The Thang:

A little arm warm up, because my shoulders need it.  While were at it, all you clowns who hop right into push ups with out some warm up – GET REAL.  Older shoulders need the love.  Anywho, we did some front circles, back circles, overhead circles (huey’s or something like that) and wonder bras.  Which BTW we really should rename to Victoria Secret bras or something sexier.

Then we ran a lap (you’ll see, we did a bunch of these)

Next up Jockos – from everybody favorite ex-seal Jocko Wellink – it goes something like this:

plank, hold – dive-bomber push up to upward dog, hold – downward dog, hold – feet to hands and stand up – deep squat, hold – stand up and do a burpee – 5 side straddle hops.  That’s 1

Then we did all of that 2x and 10 SSH

Then we did all of that 3x and 15 SSH

Then we did all of that 4x and 20 SSH

Then we did all of that 5x and 25 SSH

As the peanut gallery pointed out numerous times, I missed an exercise on the 2, 3 & 4 rotations.  Guys this was planned to give you a break (you know who you are).  Regardless we finished up strong with all 5 & 25 SSH.

Take a lap.

25 merkins

25 big boy sit ups

25 squats

take a lap

some core stuff – think it was flutter kicks, dollys and rosies – we did a bunch

take a lap

25 diamond merkins

25 WWI sit ups

25 one legged squats squats

take a lap

some more core stuff – think this time it was LBCs, american hammer, no not that, anyhow we then

took a lap

25 Carolina Dry Docks

25 big boy sit ups

25 squats

take a lap

we may have done another set the PSS variations (merkins, sit ups & squats), but it gets kinda foggy so I had the pax

take a lap

Time was in short supply so once the 6 showed up (Beardedmellenial) we did an abbreviated stretch, talked about the danger of comfort and the power of making yourself UNcomfortable.

Balled up and prayed (and I laid down a nice one).

Prayer requests – Uptowngirl for humility

Announcement – Heehaw is sharing his testimony on Sunday at SSCC at both the 9am and 11am services.  Be there if you can.

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