February 29, 2018 ??

A date that will not be found on any (correct) calendar.  But F3 SSI celebrated this date from 5:15-6:00am this morning at Oglethorpe Point Elementary School.  Yes if you look at the calendar it will likely say that today is Thursday, March 1 – but don’t let that get in the way.

YHC had two reasons for messing with the calendar.

#1 – I had a goal to Q two workouts in February – By extending the month for 6 hours, I made it.

#2 – My brother was born on 2/29/1968.  So on 2/29/2018 he turn 50.  But that date doesn’t exist this year as it is not leap year.  That’s just not right.  After all, my brother has only “had” 12 legit birthdays.  No that just wasn’t gonna do.  So for you Todd, here off the coast of Georgia, we celebrated 2/29/2018 and your birthday!


7 stalwart members of F3 SSI payed themselves from the Fartsack and endeavored to improve themselves this morning.

First things first – due the playlists. 

Song #1 – Billy Joel – Uptown Girl (any question about that one?)

Warm Up

arm circles front and back


weed pickers



Lap around the parking lot


Isometrics – all exercises both sides

plank – one arm raise

standing leg raise

plank – one arm and opposite leg raise

forearm side balance

tree pose

side arm balance

she was a lot better than any of us (better looking too)


The Thang

Merkins – standard, wide, incline, military-decline

sit ups (or some silly ab variation)

squats – wide/narrow, fast/slow (lots)

there was some other stuff in there like lots of SSH, some dolly’s, a set of protractor, it was just kinda a zen state after the isometrics.

After each of the 4 base sets (merkins, sit ups and squats) we did a lap, changing directions each time so we wouldn’t put a rut in our minds (after all, its a terrible thing to waste)


Wrap up the pain portion with an ab burner

Flutter kicks




50 American hammers for the birthday boy

then you guessed it


The PAX came in and we finished with some gentle stretching so we would be able to come back out on Saturday and play Ultimate Frisbee.


Prayer Requests

Loveseat – software implementation

Bundy – mother’s upcoming surgery

UptownGirl – brother birthday

Woz laid down a sweet prayer and we dragged raced down Frederica.

See you Saturday gents.


Complete Playlist

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

Audioslave – Show me how to live

U2 – Where the Stress have No Name

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart

Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

AC/DC – Back in Black

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