Trivia Tuesday

Some morning workouts are not even worth writing about, and this is one of those.  But, I will write about it anyway.  Seven HIM’s and Heehaw showed up for what YHC would define as less than a typical Milkbone beatdown.  After St. Paddy’s Tough, I felt that some of us (apparently not Super Sally aka Super Beast) needed a couple days break and start back slow on Tuesday.  That said, the workout was as follows:


10-LBC, F&R, 24-SSH, Jeff Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

We had 25 trivia questions (all true or false) and an exercise associated if we got a question wrong.  If you got a question right the reward was 10-second overhead hold.  The category was beer (my favorite subject), and, truthfully, I thought this group would have done better.  We got 14 out of 25 correct, which means we got 56% right (which as I now understand is the equivalent to an A- according to the Manor school system).  Between the laughs, delayed answers, and Bundy’s flatulence, that took all of 35 minutes to complete the 25 question quiz.  It was time to move on, anyway.

From there we moved on to 8-10 minutes of yoga.

The End.


COT-Announcements:  organizing a meeting for the Golden Isles Ruckers to talk about the St. Paddy’s events, upcoming events, designing patches, etc. at HQ (Growler Factory), drop in 5-7.

Prayer concerns:  Bundy’s niece, possible heart issues.

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