Garage Workout

A verbal contract is just as binding as a written one.  Really.  Go check your business law books.  As long as both parties understand and consideration is given, the contract is binding.  How do I know – because I agreed to a verbal contract yesterday that I would Q Ironman on Tuesday if Loveseat would Q Renegade on Thursday.  And yesterday afternoon I was looking for a way out.  But with the contract in place it was time to get creative.

You see, I’m not a rucker so no GR-1 – GR-1000 or the new Hyperlite-Super-Camo-Kevlar-Gold-Dust-Uranium-Enriched-God-Blessed, Ruck.  No sandbags either.  No regular coupons – no problem.  Garage Workout.

#1 – put the request out to the PAX to bring something

#2 – walk around the garage and look for stuff

#3 – download a kick-ass playlist to workout to

#4 – come up with choice for the PAX so they can be challenged, but also modify as necessary to avoid injuries, owies, or unfavorite exercises.

5:15 arrives.  Disclaimer. Que the music.

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel – Warmup time.  SSH – morracan nightclub – chinooks – chinooks the other way – weed pickers – side bend – slow wind mills – slow squats

Song over – time for the Thang

Set up the coupons between 2 trees, split about 1/3 – 2/3 distance. Meaning not evenly.

Get a coupon, do 15 reps, do a lap around the tree.  1 exercise – 1 lap.  To the 2/3 tree, it was a running lap.  To the 1/3 tree it was your option.  Bear crawl, crab walk, lung walk.


  • Squats – weighted tool box – this was kind light until we put Mrs. Howells dumbbell in it
  • Full squat to overhead extension – propane cylinder
  • Side raises – two 10lb dumbbells
  • 30lb Rucksack (thank you loveseat) – overhead press
  • Concrete block (thank you Bundy) – situps
  • Push Up stands – Deep Carolina Dry Docks

We did this for 2 songs – Welcome to the Jungle, G&R & Thunder, Imagine Dragons.

For the next two songs – Guerrilla Radio, Rage Against the Machine & Howlin’ for You, The Black Keys, we used the same coupons & exercises, but instead of 1 set of 15, we did two different exercise, both 10 reps, and then we did our lap.

Next song – Bang Bang, Green Day – it’s the old mid workout stretch.  Since we were nice and warm, we did some quick yoga stretching, but one song only.

Next two songs – Welcome to Paradise, Green Day & T.N.T. AC/DC, we got back to it.  Three exercises, 10 reps each, then take a lap, but with exercise modifications.


  • Squats – weighted tool box
  • Tricep extensions – propane cylinder
  • Side raises – two 10lb dumbbells
  • 30lb Rucksack – curls
  • Concrete block (thank you Bundy) – situps
  • Push Up stands – Deep Merkins

Final Song, a classic – Fly Me To The Moon by The Chairman of the Board – FRANK SINATRA!  Great song to wrap this party up with.  So we cooled down and did some more stretching, while we checked out the night sky trying to find the moon that they were flying to!

Count-O-rama, Name-O-rama, announcements and prayer requests.

Thanks to the PAX who showed up and participated in this little experiment today.  Already have some ideas brewing for the next garage workout.






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