Monday Gut Check…. APFT

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s tha first of the month! Well, it was the first Monday of Q2 also know as April.

8 PAX started promptly at 5:33…. I had to visit Graceland after my solo morning ruck.


COP…. About the time i was calling out the first workout one of the PAX thought they knew what we were going to do…… sike, yo momma rides a dirt bike! We busted out Jeff Imperial Walkers IC, then in memory of our friend’s recent birfday we did Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC, Iron Cross while we talked to Fly Over who we welcomed from F3 Grandstrand, Little Baby Arm Circles IC in reverse.

Tha Thang…..

Army Personal Fitness Test (modified)

MAX Push ups in 2 minutes

MAX sit-ups in 2 minutes (here is the modification, we didn’t pair off to hold feet. we did Big Boy sit-ups in the interest of time.

Timed 2 mile run.


Loveseat (37)  PU-62, SU-50, run 17:10           SCORE 231/300 PASS

Super Sally (44) PU-100, SU-50, run 24:00      SCORE 192/300 FAIL

Cher (58) PU-52, SU-47, run 17:39                    SCORE 260/300 PASS

Rosebud (53) PU-50, SU-74, run 17:58             SCORE 267/300 PASS

Hammerhead (28) PU-65, SU-47, run 17:26   SCORE 185/300 FAIL

Flyover (39) PU-80, SU-66, run 15:01               SCORE 276/300 PASS

Milkbone (44) PU-78, SU-54, run 19:10           SCORE 239/300 PASS

HeeHaw (37) PU-44, SU-64, run 17:59             SCORE 220/300 PASS




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