Crap on Your Neighbor

Power of the headline – you’re now reading this sentence.  But not to worry, if you continue to read, you will see where we did this exercise – except we called it Xhit on your neighbor.

OK – Monday morning – must have been a rough weekend as only 4 brave souls showed up to get the week going right with a beat down.

Disclaimer, mosey to the flagpole.  Warmup – SSH, weedpickers, arm/shoulder warm up series,  windmills (I think) and then we were off.


Mosey the long way to the living room for Thang 1.  Dora.  50-100-150 – merkins, sit-ups-squats.  One partner does the PT, other partner does a “4” (half of a crazy 8).


Mosey the long way to the picnic benches for Thang 2.  Dora. 50-100-150 – Carolina Dry Docks – Dips – Squats.  One partner does the PT, other partner runs around the flagpole.


Forward lunges In Cadence (and deep) – mosey over to the rocks


Crap on your neighbor time.  Q announces that there will be 4 exercises and you will only do it with your rock once.  Select a rock as you will.  Let me just say that Rosebud is one mean dude!

SO the exercises were Elf on the Shelf and Squat Thrusts.  Squat thrust with own rock, then rotate.  Elf from bottom right to Top Left neighbors rock – rotate.  2 more times and then toss the rocks back.  A Big ROCK + Elf movement = SUCK


Mid set SSH.  Hit the benches under the gazebo.  Decline tempo merkins.  Tempo Dips on the benches.  Mosey to the bike rack bobsled chute and sprint to the flag.  Quick stretch – circle up, then head out.


Keep Cher’s daughter in your prayers for a back injury, and for Patrick, a young man in Miami who is battling bone cancer and needs a God size miracle.

See all of you tomorrow at Ironman.


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