SSI MURPH Doubledown- Preblast

This serves two purposes. The first, is a backblast of sort for D2 since he’s not capable of writing his own, however, we are working on that.  We did a lot of stuff around our pier AO lead by a semi-pro exerciser.  It kind of sucked and we did some sprints too.  Second, a preblast for F3 St Simons PAX and visitors for this upcoming Memorial Day MURPH.

MURPH is the official fundraiser and workout in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, meet the SSI PAX at our pier AO and join thousands around the world for a little Pain, Sweat, and Tears in honor of a brave man who gave all.  Do it strict, modify, or DORA with a partner, simply GET IT DONE!  As with ALL F3 workouts we will end in a COT, but this one will be a little different, we will join F3 The Fort and other Regions in mentioning someone that gave the ultimate sacrifice after Name-O-Roma.  Bring a name, say a name, and let’s never forget!

There will be a Ruck before Murph, and in the spirit of the day, we will push the pace and ourselves.

After MURPH, we’ll all head to Palm Coast for Coffeteria for man-mosas and chocolate milk for recovery!  Your choice or maybe both, we don’t judge.

Later that evening, several PAX are planning to meet for Taps at Twighlight on the Casino lawn at the Pier AO.  I highly recommend joining, it’s fun for all ages.

REACH OUT to Kotters and FNG’s  !!!!

Memorial Day Schedule:

5:30am Meet at Pier AO 

5:45am RUCK

7:00am MURPH startex @ Pier AO

8:15am Cofferteria at Palm Coast

6:45pm Taps at Twighlight



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