Team effort

Uptown Girl, Cher, and I co-Qed this morning. We made a pact – bring it hard for 30 minutes and then go to Waffle House. So we brought it.

Uptown – SSH, Jeff imperial walkers, merkins, squats, Carolina dry docks, lunges, big boy situps, interspersed with laps around the parking lot.

Loveseat – 50 pull-ups/rows, 50 decline merkins, 50 crunchy frogs

Cher – mosey to Christ church and back, 5 burpees (in honor of chief burper BlackBerry), 10 merkins, 25 squats

May have missed some, but that’s the gist of the workout.

BOM – keeping Bundy in our prayers.

Waffle House – Cher and Uptown kept it simple with eggs and toast – I upped the ante with cheese eggs and raisin toast.

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