Trip to Merkin-ville

4 intrepid pax met in the gloom this morning – visitors Saint 2.0 and Twang, as well as Mrs. Howell and myself. I took the imprompt-Q.  We only had two weights between the four of us, so we resorted to the tried and true body weight exercises for most of the workout.

Warmup – SSH, Imperial walkers, weedpickers, 8-count Macerenas, Mosey a lap around the parking lot.

To the Benches – Heehaws smokehouse – 5 decline merkins, 10 regular, 15 incline, 20 dips, 25 LBCs.

Mosey to the parking lot. Bear crawl and lunge walk back and forth.  I was surprised and impressed to see Twang right beside me on my signature bear crawl scamper.  Only his 3rd F3 workout too.

Dora 1-2-3 – 100 crunchy frogs, 200 merkins, 300 squats, while partner walks with team weight overhead down parking lot and back.  Saint 2.0 informed us that at his AO they refer to holding the weight overhead as Zamperini after the real-life WW2 stud featured in the movie Unbroken, who was forced to hold a railroad tie overhead by his Japanese captors.

Next was 6 Minutes of Mary, dealers choice. I led with Freddy Mercury’s, Saint 2.0 taught us Dead Cockroaches, Mrs. Howell led us in WWI sit-ups (which he referred to as WWII sit-ups), and finally Twang taught is Reach Through Crunches.

Mosey back to benches for a reprise of the Smokehouse.

Concluded with another mosey around the parking lot.

Prayers for Bundy’s dad and family, Milkbone, Reynolds family, FCA coaches camp that Twang is attending – I feel like I’m forgetting something else too.

BOM and we were out!  Looking forward to triple down in the AM!

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