Under Weight

We gathered at Ironman in the early morning gloom and got under some weight this morning. Heehaw was tempted to fartsack but instead pulled himself out of bed and supplied us with multiple rucks and sandbags, which were critical to our workout.

Warmup – SSH, Jeff Imperial walkers,jump squats, and the first half of the mucho chesto – 10 wide merkins, 10 regular, 10 diamond.

We loaded up with rucks and sand bags and, in Mrs. Howell’s case, a dumbbell, and started rucking around the circle. Stopped halfway and did, in cadence, 10 overhead press, 10 bent over rows, and 10 squats. Continued on. Stopped again and repeated the exercises.

Continued with coupons out of church parking lot and around corner to neighborhood. Stopped and did the rest of the mucho chesto- 10 wide, 10 regular, 10 diamond. Lungewalked with coupons down the street.

Picked up coupons and continued to gated neighborhood behind church and then turned around. Dropped coupons and did some SSH to shake out the shoulders, then did round 1 of ATM – 15 x 4-count alternating shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins, 10 quick merkins without a break in between.

Continued with coupons back to church parking lot. With partners, threw sandbags across lawn and back. Dodgeball regaled us with stories of his glory days playing, you guessed it, dodgeball. I missed most of the story, but I think he knocked a young aspiring feminist woman senseless after she told him to bring it on during a particularly competitive contest. The story may or may not have ended with him stepping on her glasses and making an Arnold-esque one-liner like, “Everyone deserves equal…pain.” Continued with coupons back around circle.

Did another round of overhead presses, rows, and squats, then another round of ATMs.

Finished with 6 minutes of Mary, dealers choice. I led crunchy frogs, Dodgeball led big boy sit-ups with a very fast and uneven cadence, Pusser led baby flutter kicks (so small you may not see movement at all), Heehaw led an impressive number of dollys, Mrs Howell counted us out 50 LBCs, BlackBerry led a near silent cadence of American hammers, and Bundy tried to convince everyone that the Tempo Merkins he led were actually an ab exercise.

Announcements – F3 lunch tomorrow. PR – Buddy’s dad’s recovery, dingers and doubles in Heehaw’s boys’ little league tourney in Savannah, Dodgeball’s big pitch in ATL, Mrs Howell moving his daughter in ATL.

Balled it up and prayed it out!

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